Be proud of your weatherboards with Masada

Your home will look good as new for years to come.

In a perfect world, we would all live in homes we are proud of. Homes that look good. Homes that protect us from the weather. Homes that don't require a big chunk of our time or money to maintain.

Family owned and operated, Masada understands how important your time is; every spare moment should be spent with the people you care about -- not water blasting your walls or repainting your home's exterior. Or worrying about water damage caused by leaks in old cladding.

Synonymous with strength, Masada enhances your lifestyle with our dynamic, low maintenance twin-walled weatherboards.

Completely designed and manufactured in New Zealand, you are supporting domestic craftsmanship by using our cladding.

When you choose Masada weatherboards, you are also investing in an environmentally friendly option that is 100% recyclable.

If you're looking to reclad your home's exterior, Masada is your one stop shop. We handle everything from paperwork and consents through to preparing your home for recladding to finishing details.

Get a straightforward, simple and cost efficient solution for your home's exterior needs; you might even succeed in making your neighbors jealous!

As solid as a rock

Named after a resilient and sturdy rock, Masada cladding provides you with an incredibly long-lasting, low-maintenance home exterior.

Integrating the lessons learned from the extreme weather damage in Australia during the 1970's, Masada was adamant about engineering cladding that could withstand a cyclone. While cyclones are rare in New Zealand, there's peace of mind in knowing your home's exterior can hold up against strong winds and heavy rain.

Along with providing dependable weather protection, our twin-walled cladding also adds an extra layer of comfort inside your home. Just as double-glazing provides quietness and better insulation for doors and windows, our cladding performs in exactly the same way, adding to your home's insulation and dryness. Outside noise is also reduced, creating a more tranquil environment at home.

The extra pocket of air between the outer and inner walls adds an extra layer of protection ensuring your home retains heat during winter and stays cool during summer.

A straightforward, simple and cost efficient solution

Easy on the eyes, easy to maintain. Why would you spend time or money painting your home ever again?

No matter the style of home you live in, Masada weatherboards will enhance your home with clean, modern lines and inspired colour options.

Easy to install, this type of cladding means you never have to paint again.

Further, Masada is UV stable, so the colour of our cladding never fades. Once it's installed, no further work is required. It really is that easy.

As for looking after your home exteriors, Masada promises next-to-nothing maintaince. If you can water your garden with a hose, you can look after your Masada cladding. A simple rise is all it takes to wash away cobwebs, sea salt or general grit and grime, and get your weatherboards looking good as new.

And with a 25 year guarantee, you can rest assured Masada will keep your home looking good for many years to come.

Recladding a leaky home?

Recladding leaky homes is not an easy or a quick fix. We understand how lengthy and costly a process this can be, especially when claiming a dispute resolution.

We're here to ease the process and offer a solution that's as simple as possible, great looking, long lasting and affordable. If you need some guidance in repairing your leaky home, please feel free to get in touch.

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