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People love Masada for three reasons:
  • It's cost efficient
  • It looks great
  • And there's next-to-no maintenance.
Our low maintenance cladding is beyond easy to look after.

If you can water your garden with a hose, you can look after your Masada cladding. A quick rinse is all you need to wash away a year's worth of cobwebs, sea salt or general grit and grime.

Masada cladding is resistant to fungal growth. It won't fade or crack. It will even stand up to cyclone strengths winds and the occasional cricket ball impact.

With a 25 year guarantee, you can rest easy knowing your Masada will be looking good well into the future.

So what are your cladding options, New Zealand?

When it comes to recladding, this is a prime opportunity to insulate your home properly if it hasn't been done before. After insulating or re-insulating, your Masada cladding is quickly and easily installed. Masada provides your home with extra insulation.

Overcladding is another option. It can protect the existing house structure from further deterioration. Instead of demolishing and rebuilding, overcladding can prevent water damage for a fraction of the cost.

No need to paint your home afterwards. Or ever. You're good to go.

Do you have a leaky home?

From 1994 to 2004, there were thousands of homes constructed that are now considered "leaky homes" due to problems with weathertightness. Older homes, with certain types of timber cladding can also potentially be leaky homes.

While the deterioration and water damage varies from home to home, some have become quite unhealthy to live in because of moulds developing within damp timber framing. It's well documented that moulds cause many health problems, including serious respiratory illnesses like asthma.

There are still a great number of homes in New Zealand with cladding that needs to be replaced. Which, begs the question, do you have a leaky home?

No one wants to discover this kind of problem, but early detection can save you thousands of dollars. Although there are a quite a few signs that your home may be a leaky home, here are Masada's five telltale signs:

1. Drips or pools of water

If you notice dripping or water pooling inside your home when it is raining, it is highly likely you have a leak responsible for more water damage than meets the eye. It's recommended you evaluate the extent of the damage as soon as possible.

If you're home is older and has timber cladding or it was built between 1994 and 2004, you'll likely be needing more than simple leak repair.

2. Ceiling sagging and warped floors

If there is a leak in your roof, water can be absorbed by your ceiling lining. This creates sagging in the walls and ceiling as well as staining. Raised or uneven floor surfaces can be the result of the deterioration of timber piles supporting your flooring material.

3. The appearance of large cracks

If the cladding is poorly sealed, water finds it way into the interior, creating cracks in walls.

4. The sight and smell of mould

Are any of your walls stained? Is there a constant musty smell within your home? Although mould and fungi can be a result of poor ventilation, the combination of the smell and one or more of these other signs is telling of a leaky home.

5. Rusty screws and nails

If you walk around your home and look at your fixings (lights and other items bolted into your ceilings and walls), do any screws or nails appear to be corroded? If a majority of your fixings are rusty, you may have a leaky home.

If you have ticked more than one of these leaky home factors, you need to act NOW.

What to do if you have a leaky home

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) can help people who own homes which have problems and damage caused by leaks.

You can contact MBIE for an assessment of your home, to discuss your options, and to make a claim through the Weathertight Homes Tribunal for dispute resolution.

You find more information here from the official New Zealand government website. Alternatively, the Citizen Advice Bureau also provides assistance during your leaky home process.

In the meantime, if you are wondering what can be done to fix your leaky home, please get in touch.

Masada is here to help. We're your one stop shop in keeping your home stylish and secure without any added hassles.

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