Get the right look with Masada cladding

Style & colour that stand the test of time

With several pleasing colour options to choose from, Masada uPVC cladding offers you the style and form your home deserves. It will look good up close or from a distance.

Along with keeping your home looking good as new, our Masada uPVC cladding boards keeps your home protected from weather, withstanding cyclone strength winds, and outside noise.

Although lightweight, our cladding panels are extremely tough and reliable. No matter the type of weather, you can rest easy knowing your walls are protected by the best cladding. New Zealanders love how robust Masada proves to be.

Backed by a 25 year guarantee, Masada uPVC cladding exterior panels will not rot or corrode and are impervious to moisture and salt spray. Further, its pest resistant, keeping mice, insects and other unwanted guests at bay. Masada is even flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

Masada is eco friendly, too

The vinyl used in Masada is completely non-toxic and incredibly strong.

Extensive tests from international organisations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. National Fire Protection Association, American National Standards Institute, and the European Commission have confirmed uPVC vinyl as a non-toxic product. Unlike many cladding products, Masada is 100% recyclable.

So when the time eventually comes to replace the cladding, it's reassuring to know there will be minimal environmental damage.
D5 Building Boards
D5 Building Boards

Technical details for D5 Masada weatherboard enthusiasts (or builders)

  • Section D5 Board
  • Length (m) standard 5.8
  • Cover Width (mm) D5 board 250
  • Weight (kg/m2) 4.4
  • Coverage per board (m2) 1.45
  • Thermal Resistance (R) 0.3
  • Thermal Conductivity (K) 0.015
  • Thermal Expansion mm/m @ 55°C 2.5
  • Sound Transmission Class (single wall) 20
  • Sound Transmission Class (double wall) 36
  • Static Design Pressure (kPa) 3.2
  • Wind Load Testing (m/sec) 57
  • Wind Gust Capacity (max kph) 225

Support your weatherboard with Masada Soffit

Along with our D5 Masada weatherboards, we also offer our state-of-the-art Masada soffit for eave linings.

Like the D5 board, the soffit board is UV protected, lightweight and easy to install. And best of all it is maintenance free! No need to ever paint!

Masada soffit is available in white.
Soffit Under-Eaves
Soffit Under-Eaves


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